Charlie and the Wood Nymphs

Who said saving our environment should be left only up to us humans? This environmental book series chronicles the life of a young orphan, Charlie. Charlie learned the importance of saving the trees in his community and how it helps the environment. Follow the journey of Charlie and his dog Buddy with the help of the Wood Nymphs in their challenge to save the forest.


Charlie y Las Ninfas del Bosque

Esta serie de libros del medio ambiente narra la vida de un joven nino, Charlie. Segue el viaje de Charlie y su perro Buddy con la ayuda de las ninfas de la madera en su desafo para salvar el bosque.


Charlie and the Water Sprites

Follow Charlie as he joins forces with a Water Sprite, Suri, to stop the pollution of the Brickell Lake. Charlie will learn about the negative effects that the pollution of bodies of water can have on the environment.