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To Our Devoted Readers,

We at The Greater Books, LLC want to remind you our readers that we have no way for you to contact us at this time. We are not affiliated with the number 347-596-1300 or any other number you might find online outside of our Whois information. There are no longer any external links on our website as we have discontinued the Magazine page. Additionally, we were forced to park the url because a surreptitious SSL Wildcard Certificate was purchased, witout our consent, for this address. We are working to have the matter resolved.

In the meantime, we ask for your prayers since we've had several systematic attempts at our lives and we pray that we can continue to bring our books for you to continue to enjoy reading. No other persons or entity (including family members, estranged or otherwise), but the Edwards Twin Sisters has the right to speak for the books, the invention or the company.

We at The Greater Books, LLC have reached the conclusion that there are no pending Federal investigation being conducted on our behalf since we've dropped off critical evidence with no feedback, therefore, we'll continue to entertain you to 'read your books and live them too!'

Sincerely yours,

Owners: The Edwards Twin Sisters
The Greater Books, LLC,